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M/S Mou Enterprise is a well established & reputed Company of Cork Sheet manufacturing. It was established in 1996 & since then we are now one of the well-known manufacturers of Cork Sheet of Bangladesh. It’s situated in Borovanga, Derma, Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have a good number of employees. Our Managing Director Md. Abul Kalam Azad is really an honest & hard working person who works restlessly for maintaining the reputation of this Company. We have a good transportation system. We produce different kinds of Cork Sheet products. Our products are:

1..EPS sheets
2. EPS sandwich panel
3.EPS pipe insulation
4. EPS ball
5. EPS packaging
6. Fish box & so on

We are Order Suppliers. We trade all over our country. That’s all we are & we are one of the main Cork Sheet Manufacturing Companies for sure by the grace of Allah.

What We Offer

We are specialized in manufacturing and designing of all kinds of packaging products made of EPS (Thermocol) and EPE (Hitlon/heatlon). We have dedicated personnel within our sales force, technical department, QC and others to provide comprehensive customer support. The company has developed an extensive network of distribution and wholly owned subsidiaries throughout central india.

Our team works in close co-ordination with our client to bring and deliver best results. We have giant capacity of around 1000 tons/annum and we have several clients with their variety of requirements and are engaged in different activities , so we have gained huge experience , while dealing with their requirements , more over we have in home advance machines with updated technology and quality control, so we provide complete package for our customer requirement.


Meaning of EPS is Expandable Polystyrene. This is well known in our country by ‘foam’. For saving product quality it has huge ability. So nowadays in packaging sector it is so popular. A product of EPS is very comfortable, tiny, protective & portable. So the whole world became a fan of EPS products.

By the grace of Allah, we are the one organization that we have a huge ability to produce this type of products. There is is a demand for domestic and export markets for EPS Products.  At present demand of EPS products has gone up due to the growth of Agro-based, Fisheries and Industrial related products in Bangladesh. In domestic market EPS products are widely used by the engineering firms, Electronocs and home appliances manufacturer, Construction firms, Agro based products manufacture etc. In the Export market EPS box and packing materials are used by the fish and frozen foods, vegetable and pharmaceuticals item etc.



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9/2 Secretariat Road, Fulbaria, Dhaka 1000

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